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Use of the service

This website is open to all fans of retrogaming and old memories.

The main focus of this website is to share our "know-how" about systems and emulator configurations and setup allowing you to pick and pay for a "pre-configured-tested" image of emulators saving a lot of time and efforts!

Users of this website are solely responsible for the use of the softwares that must be compatible with the regulations.

What you buy with us

When you purchase some of our digital download you are paying us a very little amount of all the time and money we are still spending to study, setup, test and put together "plug'n'play solutions" for every system and every o.s. allowing everyone to be able to work on top of that in seconds.

When you purchase from us you will have all the support you need in order to use your items.


We do not own any of digital/enterprise/company brands or marks that could be listed somewhere in the website as example purpose. Feel free to contact us via our contact page if you need.

Digital Arena prides itself on providing the best retro gaming system emulation imagery in terms of configuration, reliability and compatibility. Our offer is aimed at saving you hours and hours of time for the setup of your favorite system so that you can immediately immerse yourself in a memorable retro gaming experience.

All the roms are inserted exclusively for testing purpose. The use of the software provided must be done in accordance with the law as to emulate a ROM the user must be in possession of the physical support.